shockingly tacky

I watch E! like religion, but Katie & Peter has never been one of my favorites, mostly because I find Katie Price to be vacant and obnoxious (not to mention completely drowning within her own artifice) but the latest installment detailing the events of their 2005 pink-encrusted, fairytale nuptuals definitely took the cake.

I’m all for pink and froufrou (in my own world I scream it), and when you make bank exploiting yourself, money’s no object so why not splurge on an insanely foofy, all-out wedding with a Cinderella carriage and whatnot? Because it’s just so tacky, and the world is laughing at you.  Well, at least tittering behind your back, or to the entire British press. The dress was “pretty,” but it was like a 6-year old’s dress-up. Nothing timeless or truly beautiful or fashionable about it; Vera Wang would shudder at the thought of styling Katie.

Perhaps subtract the giant blinged-out crown (which looks like it would be more at home on top of a perfume bottle) and mute the pink of the dress and it would be a lot classier. But then also…a lot less Katie and Peter.

We think their repeat performance was much better, with Katie in a soft cream satin dress.

Far more elegant, bravo!


8 thoughts on “shockingly tacky

  1. On this episode peple kept saying “Its glamorous without being tacky” Yeah Ok! She really enjoyed it, and thats nice, but way too OTT. I’ve never seen the bottom picture, its beautiful.

  2. I think that both dresse sare stunning………………… Katie Price always looks pretty what ever she wears!!!!!!!

  3. hi there my names chloe im a big fan off yours and i watch all of your programs every week but sadly they are not on for this season

    i absolutly love your programs xxx love chloe

  4. hi my name philomena McCarthy from cork and i am i traveller grl just let u knew your all fack and u never come per to qa traveller grlz wedding they out beet u any day week but u were lovely doe i must say jordan xxxxxxxxxx

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