With Love

Though not new, I’m so in love with With Love, Hilary Duff’s fragrance. Not a Duff fan per se, but her perfume is definitely amazing–I’m always complimented on it. Highly recommend that you smell it; it’s a perfect autumn-to winter fragrance. ♥

With Love…Hilary Duff is an expression of love in all its forms and dimensions: the unconditional love of family, the generosity of friendship, and the breathtaking excitement of romance. Exotic fruits add an intriguing sparkle to the rich woods and sultry ambers of this effervescent, oriental fragrance.

Mangosteen Fruit, Exotic Spice Blend, Chai Latte, Mangosteen Blossoms, Cocobolo Wood, Amber Milk, Amber Musk, Balsam, Incense.

Sparkling. Sensual. Warm.


2 thoughts on “With Love

  1. That’s such a classy bottle… all the more reason to get it… but this smells gorgeous, and very fitting for the Holiday seasons like you said 🙂

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