It was a stretch of highway
lined with red dust
topped with blue sky
that reminds me of your eyes
because I could never take it all in.
I trip on cracks in the asphalt
my feet are tired, honey.
I pass a girl holding a teddy bear
ragged from too much love.
is that what happened to us?
the man at the gas station
tells me it is going to rain
I hope he is wrong but the sky turned gray
three miles later.
I look up, imagine us coming down
you next to me in the passenger’s seat
singing along so loud
you’d kept my mittens and my heart
that night, do you remember?
together, all the things we swore we’d do
I wish I had your hand to hold
instead I have a plastic bag
and all my weary memories.
the charcoal sky blazes with lightening
and rain makes rivers of my tears
then it comes, impossibly strong
and now you’re faded, gone.
but you will always, always be
my thunder.


3 thoughts on “memoria

  1. A-maz-ing. You should really look into writing as a profession. Vivid images kept flashing in my mind as I read this poem; everything is written and laid out so beautifully. Don’t take your skill for granted. You should look into writing as a profession and share your passion for writing with the world. I’m sure it’ll have a deep impact on others, as it’s had on me.

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