a Big obsession

Still so sexcited and nearly five months to go! Can’t wait, nor can we (and by we, I mean I) stop crazily Googling for any SATC movie tidbits I can get my hands on…

Sex and the City Movie promotional display
“At a New York City HBO Shop (1100 Avenue of the Americas – Sixth Ave. & 42nd St.), a Marchesa runway rose dress clad mannequin sits framed by a wall of roses and a new SATC movie trailer, surrounded by holiday gifts; the only unopened package says SATC Movie. Do Not Open Until May 2008.” (Source: Sex and the City Movie Blog)

The first movie poster! Pink, sparkles, Sex. It doesn’t get better than this. Squee!

They’re keeping this one surprisingly under wraps; not that much juice has leaked out yet. The one annoying anecdote is that Jennifer Hudson (still milking her twenty-something played-out minutes of American Idol faux-fame) will be playing a new character, Carrie’s assistant. According to the official website, the film is being directed by Michael Patrick King, who is one of my dating/cinematic touchstones (I heart his commentaries)! From what I’ve seen on Youtube, IMDB, and so on, Sarah Jessica Parker is still impeccably dressed, true to form! And as for the Big wedding scene…well, we just can’t wait!


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