why I don't go to Starbucks

I was on Youtube (looking for the video for Wicked Game, don’t ask) and not normally being one to spend lots of time looking at random funny shit on Youtube (as is my dear friend Zoe), this video caught my eye. This girl is hilarious, and she’s also completely right. I had the same thing happen to me, and I have completely evaded Starbucks since, and prefer to go to places where “a small is a small.” I’m a smart girl, but when it comes to coffee, I’m basically a simpleton. How about a lesson, shall we?


5 thoughts on “why I don't go to Starbucks

  1. not bad. i actually got a chuckle out of this and i work there. I’ll admit that the language is a little different but the drinks are worth it.

  2. This is the case everywhere too! Ordering a smoothie yesterday I asked for a ‘small’ and the girl said, “you mean a regular?”
    Turns out if I wanted a ‘small’, I needed to order a ‘mini’ or as they’re specially refered to, ‘childrens’ size.’
    Thanks for posting, I enjoyed that!

  3. I was looking for Wicked Game the other day on youtube because I love the song and video, I’m not ashamed! Heh, I dont drink coffee so starbucks is lost on me. I’ve always wanted to go in with my laptop and type away with some massive cup of coffee to make me look creative. I’ll do it soon.

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