I watched this movie and reviewed it about a month ago. I barely ever take the time to review movies these days, but this one made an impression on me that lasted.

Some viewers might find Bella too saccharine for their tastes. But like it or not, Bella pulls you where a movie should; it makes you think about what’s important without employing faded cliches. The acting is true and delicate and the cinematography is compelling but not distracting. Eduardo Verastegui and Tammy Blanchard have powerful chemistry but it’s done with such intentional restraint, making their stories more real and meaningful. Also adding depth to the film is the rich Mexican-Puerto Rican culture: gorgeous food, language, tradition. It’s the absolute creme de la creme of indie filmmaking. It’s anti-Hollywood, anti-blockbuster, anti-romantic comedy. Pro-life? Perhaps it could be interpreted that way, but until I read reviews online that concept Bella steers away from pigeonholing itself into a category, yet still wears its heart on its sleeve, in the best way a movie can. It’s a feat for a movie to tell a love story without showing kissing or love scenes. The “love” conveyed in this movie is more visceral, more profound than fleeting boy-girl attraction. Bella is about redemption, hope, and most importantly: Life.

Watch the trailer:


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