add more ~ing with Gabrielle Bernstein

One of my new positive role models: Gabrielle Bernstein. I stumbled across her book one day (at work and less than focused) and I deemed it a must-read and ordered it through Amazon that day. I’m about midway through, reading it on and off. At first I wasn’t crazy about her writing style, but soon warmed to the ~ing philosophy. After all, happiness is hip and it’s something everybody wants. Everyone battles negative thoughts and Gabrielle teaches you, through a cocktail approach of meditation, free writing and movement based on a combination of Buddhism and metaphysics with a modern twist. With the right attitude, her methods have the potential to be transformational. As a sweet bonus, you can download Podcast versions of her wonderful guided meditations, which really help along the way to getting in touch with your own ~ing.

In addition to Add More ~ing: A Hip Guide to Happines, Gabrielle has founded Her Future, a social networking site dedicated to helping young women connect with and become mentors. She continues to work as a motivational speaker and life coach, and resides in Manhattan’s West Village. In her spare time she can be seen riding her skateboard, surfboard or even a unicycle.

Read more at her website:, and for Pete’s sake, buy the book! Let the good vibes flow. 🙂


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