lumberjack chic: it’s a thing

This is totally out-of-season, but I had to make a post on my love of the lumberjack look. I’m really fond of a certain man in flannel (Paul Bunyan?) so it seems only natural to blog about the explosion of plaid looks in modern fashion.

At the crest of all things trendy, we have the ladies of The Hills in plaid: Lauren Conrad, Audrina Patridge and Whitney Port. They all look stunning but my vote goes to Whitney…she looks the most genuine of the bunch when it comes to authenticating a Western vibe. Audrina maintains her rocker-girl edge while Lauren and Stephanie keep the look polished and trendy.

And we have the always hot Kristin Cavallari (her bag! bestillmyheart!) in all her bombshell-ness…and to even things out, our girl Lauren on the go again in a lovely green checked number.

Try: BDG’s plaid shirt from Urban Outfitters. I like the grey plaid, below. I also love the ruffles on the Juicy Couture top below. At $138 it’s insane for something like that, but I like the feminine touch on something inherently masculine.

Juicy Couture Crinkle Plaid 3/4 Sleeve Ruffle Shirt

And of course, I looooove plaid on boys. And men. Oh yes.

Then there’s the lumberjack of all lumberjacks. Mr. Paul Bunyan. And who wouldn’t want to pay a visit to the Forks Timber Museum in Forks, WA? Everything you ever wanted to know about the history of logging.

And last but not least, perhaps the source of inspiration for this post, the super talented Timber Preservation Society. You can check out his work at his website or at his Etsy shop. Oh how I love his gorgeous gorgeous designs.

This is the man.  You can read an interview about him here.

2 thoughts on “lumberjack chic: it’s a thing

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