destination: bliss

Not grappling too well with the Tuesday following a semi-long weekend. My boyfriend and I made our way up “The Kanc” yesterday for a scenic drive and some splashing in the river and sunning on rocks. We spent several blissful hours at Rocky Gorge and it was spectacular. We didn’t bring cameras, so I have no evidentiary proof of the fun that was had. As far as I’m concerned it was the perfect Memorial Day activity, blemished only (and literally) by dozens of black fly bites. Today I’m condemned to my cube itching up a storm, cold-calling Departments of Agriculture peddling ProLiant. Easy? I think not. As I grow to loathe my job more and more, my off-task time increases exponentially, so here I am daydreaming about some hikes I hope to make this year. Because although lounging riverside is well and good, but hiking is quite the workout and is such a gratifying experience from the top. Starting out with easy ones like Mt. Hedgehog via UNH Trail, Cove and Border Trails, Pawtuckaway South Mountain Loop, maybe we can work up to some bigger ones by fall.


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