2 Days in Paris (2007)

(Viewed & reviewed in early 2010)
Judging from the cover, this movie appears to be typical rom-com fare (Julie Delpy isn’t quite as glamorous, either, but she’s quirky and honest and as far as I’m concerned that’s much better). As soon as it begins playing we realize that it’s not going to be that pretty or cute. While I was initially seduced by Marion’s intermittent cocktail of French and English and Jack’s (excellently played by Adam Goldberg) deadpan monotone, I got bored with their bickering and couldn’t help but wonder “what’s the point?” Then at some point I connected with the whole thing on a personal level: Her chain of boyfriends, her innate desire to be cherished and adored, her boyfriend not understanding her neurosis and whims, momentary bouts of insanity, awkwardness, obnoxious grousing, nitpicking and arguing over subjects large and small.

There were a few clever moments here and there, but I doubt everyone would “get” the humor used. The culmination is something beautiful and real, nothing cinematic about it, but rather an honest portrait of a couple that reminds us all of what we desperately seek, whether we admit it or not: To be known and loved for our true, naked selves and to be accepted wholly for who and what we are. Not the easiest thing. 


One thought on “2 Days in Paris (2007)

  1. Strangely, I really enjoyed this movie. It was dark and bitter and I definitely agree that you wonder, “What’s the point?” But I still came away going, “Hm, that was good.”

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