flashback: Carrie’s style (Sex and the City)

I was called out of work today, and being broke as a joke, a few points this weekend have opened me up to trips down memory lane. Cleaning out my cupboards (when you live in a place alone for four years, stuff can accumulate), organizing iPhoto, and this morning, reading excerpts from my handwritten high school journals (stickers and metallic ink, anyone)? Anyway, all that prompted me to seek out my old(est) website and then look in my folders for my carefully kept files from my old Glamour Junkie website. It’s been offline for a few years now but looking back on some of my work, I did such a great job (self-applause), piecing things together. So in honor of Sex and the City 2 being in theaters, I decided to post these pieces I did (in 2005!) and celebrate Carrie’s style, which still rules no matter how many years go by. So without further ado, an archive from Glamour Junkie history.

May 7th, 2005
Carrie Bradshaw (portrayed by Sarah Jessica Parker) is the star of the hit HBO series, and it’s easy to see why by her style. She is the most versatile–she chooses everything from vintage to uptown couture. She knows fashion. She bought Vogue instead of dinner when she first moved to the city because it “fed her more.” While her fashion choices are “out there” at times, she always goes for it and looks unique and amazing all the time, never falling into a rut. While she loves her clothes, shoes will always be Carrie’s vice, especially Manolo Blahniks! Carrie will forever be a trendsetter–and an inspiration to shopaholics everywhere.


2 thoughts on “flashback: Carrie’s style (Sex and the City)

  1. Ah it’s nice to see someone who enjoys Sex and the City as much as I do. Carrie’s style has always been hit and miss with me, but when I like an outfit she wears, I *really* like it. Have you seen the new movie yet?

    • Not yet, Ashley! I’m not even sure I will see it in theaters. I’ve heard terrible things from the reviews and I wasn’t a fan of the way it looked like it was going. Too much dazzle maybe even for me. The TV series had a bit of a humbleness about it. The clothes were fabulous of course, but it still held on to a thread of reality. Since it’s hit the silver screen, it’s been about the SATC “enterprise” and I’m not crazy about it; since it’s a big departure from the show. I would rather relive the series over and over than partake in movies that are all about flash. (Long answer!)

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