flashback: Charlotte’s style (Sex and the City)

Part of my “Flashback” series: Old Glamour Junkie articles given life anew. The pieces I used for this article were pulled on May 17th, 2005. I lost the original text so I was prompted to rewrite.

Charlotte York (later York-McDougal and Goldenblatt) is the WASPy “Park Avenue princess” on Sex and the City. She hails from Connecticut originally and maintains a fresh, classic look some would describe as “preppy.” Personality-wise, Charlotte is led by tradition, so it’s no surprise that her clothes have a tailored feel, while always maintaining a fresh, feminine feel. Charlotte’s job as a gallery manager in SoHo called for polished looks, clean lines and lots of black. Shift dresses with belts accentuated Charlotte’s tiny waist.

For dress-up, Charlotte preferred a-line skirts and simple pumps or strappy heels, in solid colors or bold florals, never baring too much skin–just enough to be gently seductive. When emulating Charlotte, you can’t go wrong with soft pastels, strings of pearls and moderated accents of lace and ruffles. Charlotte was also known to wear polka dots and stripes. Even for a casual look, Charlotte stuck with pressed polos (Lacoste, Ralph Lauren) and khaki slacks; we hardly ever saw her in jeans. Charlotte is a classic icon of fashion; always dressed with elegance and poise.


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