anchors away: Fleet Week style

One of the trends I’m loving about summer that never really goes out of style is the nautical look. Crisp white and navy look perfect no matter what. Regardless of where you are, it’s just so preppy, clean and timeless. I was inspired by the episode Anchors Away in Season 5 of Sex and the City: Fleet Week comes to NYC! One week every year (typically at the end of May/beginning of June…I’m a bit late with the post), the ships from the U.S. Navy, Marines and Coast Guard dock and our fine maritime heroes come ashore to tour the city and have a good time. In Anchors Away, Carrie meets a cute sailor from Louisiana, Charlotte flashes a boob to a naval officer–all in the season that creator Michael Patrick King refers to as a love letter to New York City.

Below: Get inspired with a few nautical-inspired pieces I put together. Mix stripes and solids, throw in rope and knot details, brass buttons and anchor charms and you’ll be ready to set sail.

Above left: It may have been a costume for Halloween, but I adore Lauren Conrad’s “sailor” outfit. She looks cute as heck. Above right: Ralph Lauren is the king of nautical style. His entire collection has always been synced to the lifestyle of The Hamptons. Understated American glamour. All you need is a G&T and to be sitting on a Yacht somewhere.


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