greetings from Alaska: Gabrielle Bernstein video blog [6.28]

I adore Gabrielle Bernstein. Ever since I finished her book I’ve always been looking for ways to continually “add more ~ing” to my life. Her lectures are available for free on iTunes and they’re all amazing. I recommend: Love Wins: Lecture on Releasing Romantic Illusions, Knowing Your Worth, Clarity, InJoy, and I Believe. While some of the content is redundant, I feel it helps keep me focused on staying in touch with my inner guidance system and away from negative patterns. Changing your way of thinking from fearful and ego-driven thoughts is not an immediate process; it requires constant work. Gabrielle is fun and engaging and will inspire you to keep your ~ing work going. I also am tuned into Gabrielle’s YouTube channel where you can access her video blogs. Here is her most recent one, with a clip of Gabrielle in Alaska. (Who sings the song in the beginning? Love it.) Although I would have loved to hear about Gabrielle’s travels in Alaska, she mostly talks about giving up gossip, which is something I think all ladies need to work on. In my current job, gossip is practically nonexistent and I feel it does my inner self good. “InJoy!”


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