trendwatch: dip dye & ombre hair

I love Lauren Conrad’s blog (she’s the most brilliant everygirl who can do no fashion wrong in my eyes) – she polled her readers asking if she should try this shocking (by her standards!) trend:

Funky-colored, dip dyed strands! I’m personally not one for having unnaturally colored hair (I am a dark brunette so it would involve some damaging processes) but I thought this was a super fun (and funky) idea.

The always trensetting Katy perry rocking some crazy hues in her tresses.

This reminds me of a California surfer-girl look – but edgy and modern. So pretty for summer!
Also, for those who want to play it a little safer, but still try a variation of having tonal hair, you can try “ombre hair” – which is essentially a graduation of dark roots to lighter color on the bottom. There are different degrees and hues – overall the effect is subtle but still gets the point across. I really dig it!

Jessica Biel

Leighton Meester

Flavia Oliviera

Lauren Conrad

Drew Barrymore

What’s your take on the dip-dye & ombre look?


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