whatever happened to____? stuff that should make a comeback

Every now and then I get a case of style nostalgia. It happened to me today going through my old Glamour Junkie folder. Some of the articles made me cringe…but then again, I still kind of like a lot of the same stuff. And, proof that I’m getting old and that the fashion world is constantly changing, you can’t find a lot of this stuff anymore.

C. Ronson’s “Tooshies” line – tees/tanks/boy-style briefs emblazoned with cute prints like guitars, cupcakes and pineapples, I loved these so!

Crimped hair. On Christina Aguilera in 2000, above (I used to have pictures of her plastered all over my wall when I was in high school, one from this very event) and…

…flash forward to 2011, Christina rocking a crimped ‘do again and still looking awesome. Why did we leave our crimping irons in the early ’90’s? I think it adds rad-looking texture, and not everyone is doing it. I say bring it back!

The original Lip Smackers. (Like above…some of those are old!) You can still buy them, but most of the original flavors and “limited editions” are already gone, and it’s just not the same. They were all I carried in my purse all through 1997 (which was faux patent with blue and lime green leopard faux fur, by the way). They remind me of a time when I was so carefree, and the new flavors that are out now are just copies of other foods (assorted soda, candy, etc). Remember the ones with special tops you could wear on a necklace? I would buy them with my allowance. Sigh…I can almost smell the Cotton Candy…

Primp splatter sweats. This brand was popular circa 2004; I happen to own a pair of the ice cream cone splatter capris. They were to loungewear what Wildfox Couture is today, only they never quite took off. They were super expensive and Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson were fans.

Primp thermals. Cute designs like hearts, anchors and bunnies. (Above: Rachel Bilson & Paris Hilton.) So hard to find these days.

Mandy Moore’s “Mblem” clothing line. I own a “spearmint open front tunic” from this line I purchased years ago; it’s the perfect burnout fabric that works over leggings/jeans or as a beach coverup. Sadly, Mandy shut down her clothing line in 2009, which is really a shame. Thankfully, there are loads more celebs peddling overpriced tees, so not to worry.

Other things I miss but have a hard time finding – awesome jelly shoes that don’t cost $100+, Teen’s “Great Looks” magazine, Taryn Manning’s Born Uniqorn line, Clueless the TV show, scented nail polish…sigh!

7 thoughts on “whatever happened to____? stuff that should make a comeback

  1. I love C. Ronson’s tooshies! I hoard the ones I have left that aren’t worn out. I can’t believe I’m admitting this but I spent about 7 months tracking down every print I could find. To this day I think of all the ones I was never able to track down (Lollipops, Hamburgers, Rainbows) I’ve been told that her current store still carries them but Can’t they put up an online store so we could get our tooshies fix? They’re very popular in Japan. I drool over the pictures I’ve found online of all the “tooshies” brand things they sell in Japan.
    Primp – I still love all my Primp sets. I refuse to get rid of them.
    I always wanted something from Born Uniquorn.
    As for Jellies, I miss the $30 ones Melissa put out circa 2003, before they re-vamped and wanted a hundred dollars ugh.
    Miss Clueless the tv show too 😦 I was lucky to buy the series online but I’d love an official dvd.
    Ah, scented nailpolish! I miss it too.
    Wow, I was just going to comment on Tooshies and now I’ve written a novel! Sorry!

    • Oh! I just looked that up…I’ll have to check it out the next time I’m at Walgreens. Not too excited about the (limited) color choices but…worth looking into πŸ™‚

  2. So I went to Rite Aid a little while ago (enjoying the nice weather up here, on vacation) but all the “good colors” were gone. Bright orange and yellow with cheap looking sparkle? No thanks. I’ll keep my eyes peeled!

  3. I can’t believe LipSmackers have become nostalgia! LOL, I use to collect them and keep them in those makeup storage boxes just like in that picture.

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