worth watching: The Switch (2010)

Meet Kassie and Wally. Kassie (Jennifer Aniston) is on the other side of 40 with a loudly ticking biological clock. Wally is her best friend, long ago sidelined into the “friend zone.” In spite of his disapproval, Kassie wants to have a baby – with or without a long-term male relationship. She finds a suitably studly donor and has her friend (a tarty, annoying character played by Juliette Lewis) throw her a fertility/insemination party. Wally gets way too drunk and whoops! Switches out the donor’s “offering” with his own. Kassie moves home to Michigan and drifts from Wally. Seven years later she’s moving back to New York City with her son, Sebastian (Thomas Robinson). Uncanny personality parallels between Wally and Sebastian come to the forefront.  Sebastian is oddly precocious, keenly aware and slightly high strung, and the two bond during their time together. A romantic comedy starring Jennifer Aniston may be formulaic and somewhat predictable. We can see the ending at the beginning, in the case of The Switch it’s how we arrived there that matters, and the journey that our protagonist experiences.

Jason Bateman is far and away the star of this film, fitting perfectly the role of neurotic-yet-lovable Wally. Aniston is likable, genuine and doesn’t age a day in the seven-year lapse (much like real life), but this isn’t a Jennifer Aniston film. It’s more of a new angle on a father-son film and a look into life we may not have considered ten years ago. The movie is beautifully filmed, with one particularly moving time-elapsed shot of New York City. There are so many movies filmed in New York, and each one takes on its own unique flavor of the city and projects it onto the screen. This version is decidedly unglamorous but not overly gritty.

While some aspects of the story beg to be flushed out a bit more (who is Kassie, anyway?) for an hour and a half timeframe, the movie does its job wrapping up all the important pieces in the end. Those looking for a suckerpunch of sentiment won’t get it; the ending is subtle and tasteful. Critics hated it, but I’ll tell you – it’s worth watching!


running for my life

So anyone who reads my blog or knows me will also know that mental health and spirituality are my top priorities in life. I believe that happiness and inner peace can only occur when the mind is sound. I meditate, I do affirmations, I select my thoughts, I listen to lectures, I’m constantly learning and striving to live a life rich with self-love. I still have a long way to go on my journey to a healthier mental place, but I’m well in the habit of training myself away from fearful ego-based thoughts and tuning into my “~ing” as dubbed by my teacher/guru Gabrielle Bernstein. But something I’ve been neglecting for too long is my physical body. I’m far from overweight (although I do say “I’m fat” quite a lot, as most other women can probably relate to) but at 5’2″ and 125 pounds  (posting my weight on the internet, how brave am I?!) I’m certainly the heaviest and largest I’ve ever been. My job is pretty sedentary and that’s hard to control.

I’ve recently started going back to the gym, which I used to avoid like the plague. I still don’t really “like” going, but — I have never, ever regretted a workout. I also run outdoors when time/weather/daylight permits and I love love love the high of running outside, of not obsessing over time and numbers but rather pushing myself to “the next stop sign” or “one more lap around the track.” I push myself harder. I just finished my first consecutive day of running and my legs are sore and tired, but I feel amazing. There are oodles of fitness/health/weight loss blogs out there, but I guess I feel like putting my own journey in the mix, too. Everyone’s experiences are different, and I’m doing this not just to slim down, but also to honor myself. Taking care of one’s body is a spiritual experience in itself. I find my zen in moments of solitude; I work out my aggression/frustration in the healthiest possible way. Not only am I ramping up my physical activity but also I’m trying to eat better/cleaner. Giving up Dorito’s and Gifford’s ice cream probably won’t happen, but incorporating more vegetables (which I already love) and plant-based protein in my diet can only help in the process.

Know who motivates me to get my fitness on? My girl, Jennifer Aniston. I’ve loved her since forever. I mean, she’s the quintessential girl next door: fresh, genuine, perky. And she has the. Best. Body. Ever.

I seriously doubt this will be the last of my Jenspiration.

Healthy habits can be hard to make, and breaking unhealthy ones can be even harder. I’m not looking to go crazy and drop a bunch of weight, only to make “little right actions” for a greater purpose. If I can’t run for that long, I don’t beat myself up about it. For now, some is better than nothing and I’m trying to do a little bit every day. If I skip a day once in awhile, I won’t get all crazy, I’ll forgive myself and start again the next day. I feel powerful when I run. Free. Focused. Strong.

This video from Nike inspires me. I used to think people in the commercials are so hardcore. Maybe they still are, but this will totally make you want to hit the pavement.

Please feel free to share with me your own fitness/wellness stories and goals.

perfect love, available now

“You have so little faith in yourself, because you are unwilling to accept the fact that perfect love is in you. And so you seek without for what you cannot find within.”
– A Course In Miracles

Gabrielle Bernstein launches her second book, Spirit Junkie, tomorrow. What better time than now to share with you a little inspiration? This woman has seriously CHANGED my LIFE. I have no doubts that the message in this book (an anecdotal spiritual memoir) will be an amazing journey…

Watch Gabrielle’s video, and buy the book! I can’t wait…the time for change is now.

w@h lookbook o1.

Some style inspiration.

Karen Elson for Lula Magazine. Probably my favorite redhead ever. I love the styling of this shoot…and everything Lula prints, generally.

Prada’s ombre clutch that SJP “Carried” in the first (and only one worth watching) Sex and the City movie.

Electric blue nails. Anytime, anywhere.

Erin Lucas from The City. She makes me want to get bangs again.

Flowers in the hair. via Imma Darling

Wildfox Couture’s “let me eat cake” Marie Antoinette tee…a shout out to one of my favorites. Also I love cake.

Lauren Conrad, always.

Alexis Krauss of Sleigh Bells

Until next time… xo

live the questions

I often find myself waiting/searching for answers or trying to manipulate the outcome of a certain situation, obsessing over how things will eventually end up. Life is fickle and uncertain, but that’s part of the joy. We must remind ourselves that in order to fully experience the beauty of life we need to relish the unknown and live our own questions. So today what I’m meditating on, as I often do, is one of my favorite quotes from German poet Marie Rainer Rilke from Letters to a Young Poet.

“…I would like to beg you dear Sir, as well as I can, to have patience with everything unresolved in your heart and to try to love the questions themselves as if they were locked rooms or books written in a very foreign language. Don’t search for the answers, which could not be given to you now, because you would not be able to live them. And the point is to live everything. Live the questions now. Perhaps then, someday far in the future, you will gradually, without even noticing it, live your way into the answer.”

– Marie Rainier Rilke, 1903.

Live your questions.

style favorites…

I’m in love with pieces by LA jewelry designer Gabriela Artegas. I snagged her black suede/spike wrap bracelet from OpenSky (at a sweet discount). I love the aged brass spikes and the organic leather as well as the free-from wrap design. Plus, it doubles as a necklace.

I really love everything I’m Your Present (Providence, RI designer Kelly Eident) does. Her stuff is so girly and adorable…this suspender skirt is off the charts cute. You couldn’t go anywhere in this without getting tons of compliments. Plus, most of her stuff is one of a kind.

I love the earthy/vividness of turquoise as well as the modern shape of the brass beads in this necklace from I Was and Will Be.

Ballet style. I love these leather flats with pyramid studs. It adds unexpected edge to a classic look. Plus ballet flats are comfortable, without looking sloppy.

Ballerina style maxi skirts, above. (Shopping tip: H&M has these for about $25.) A fresh take on the iconic tutu of Carrie Bradshaw in the Sex and the City intro, long, light skirts (ivory and blush hues) in fabrics like tulle and chiffon with lots of layers, pleats and draping are flattering and can make a great style statement when paired with edgy accessories, black and denim.