trendwatch: pastel nails

This is totally out of season – most of the time when you think of pastel, you think spring – things in bloom, easter eggs, that sort of thing. I’m still in love with the pastel nail trend, though, and have been interspersing it with my deep fall darks like OPI’s Black Tie Optional and this lovely color called Wine at the Gallery by Finger Paints. The look is fresh and really pops out especially when you use bright, unexpected pale hues.

Lauren Conrad sporting a gorgeous robin’s egg blue that reminds me of Tiffany’s blue.

Sky, Hard Candy’s legendary first color, was created in 1996 by Dinah Mohajer to match a pair of sky blue pumps. I love Hard Candy so much. The best part is that the brand, formerly reserved for high end stores, is now available at your local Wal Mart for about five bucks a pop – and they still come with the signature chunky rings!

Whitney port rocking turquoise nails.

This is one of my new favorites, and it’s kind of famous – Essie’s Mint Candy Apple. Try it! I love how different it is. I used to be so stuck on having pinks and “normal” colors on my nails and now I feel like I’m twelve again, trying out blues and greens. (Next on my list is sparkle!)

Khloe Kardashian sporting a pale, opaque pink.

I had to snag this color when I saw it. It’s Revlon nail enamel in Lilac Pastelle, a lovely, pink-based lilac shade. It’s really pale and subtle, almost a neutral but definitely unmistakable. Image via Nail-a-Holic.


inspiration on a Sunday

Staying cozy inside after a Halloween nor’easter. It’s such a strange shift, the snow clinging to the trees which still have their leaves. I couldn’t decide on a particular theme, so here are some things that make me feel warm and lovely; hope you enjoy.

Two Seasons by Galway Kinnell


The stars were wild that summer evening
As on the low lake shore stood you and I
And every time I caught your flashing eye
Or heard your voice discourse on anything
It seemed a star went burning down the sky.

I looked into your heart that dying summer
And found your silent woman’s heart grown wild
Whereupon you turned to me and smiled
Saying you felt afraid but that you were
Weary of being mute and undefiled


I spoke to you that last winter morning
Watching the wind smoke snow across the ice
Told of how the beauty of your spirit, flesh,
And smile had made day break at night and spring
Burst beauty in the wasting winter’s place.

You did not answer when I spoke, but stood
As if that wistful part of you, your sorrow,
Were blown about in fitful winds below;
Your eyes replied your worn heart wished it could
Again be white and silent as the snow.


songs for daydreams – Beyond the Clouds

…by The Poppy Family, 1968.

I put a seed in my garden
It wouldn’t grow
I gave a man all my heart
And I watched him go
Nothing seems to be for me
Everything is down, you see
I’m so low

I sat alone on a hillside
What could it be?
And as I turned toward the dark sky
It came to me
Down was just my state of mind
All the ups are mine to find
For the sun shines for those who look
Beyond the clouds

this moment is enough.

It’s Meditation Monday, and today’s topic is “this moment is enough.” One of my favorite concepts, really. It’s so easy to get caught up in the cycle of “when I haves.” By delaying our happiness, we are actually depriving ourselves of being present in the current moment. Detached to both the past and future – only in the present moment can we truly live. I don’t interpret that to mean that every moment has to be deeply profound. (But it easily can be, if you are truly enlightened.) All that means is, it’s enough. It’s not about living this off the charts, “live like you were dying” daredevil mentality. It’s being around for the little stuff, to savor and not merely consume. It doesn’t matter what party you’re going to afterward, or what comes next on your to-do list. What matters is right this minute, whether you’re kissing someone you love or shredding lettuce, putting your kids to bed or taking out the trash.

And as always on Meditation Monday, I will close with words from a beautiful teacher. I believe that lessons are presented to us when we are ready and willing to learn. Today I found wisdom in one of Indian mystic/guru/philosopher Osho’s writings:

“Mind is discontentment, it is never contented. It goes on saying ‘Get this, get that, and I will be contented,’ but by the time you get it, it is again asking for something else. And the game continues for the whole of one’s life from the cradle to the grave. It goes on asking for more.

Each moment is so full of joy, so exquisitely joyful, that even if death comes right now you will not ask for another moment because this moment was enough. There is no question of asking for another world; even for another moment you will not say to death ‘Wait, because I have to finish a few things, because there are a few things which I was doing and they are incomplete. You will say ‘I am ready.’

Contentment means ‘This moment is enough. Right now all that I need is here; all that I have ever needed and will ever need is here.’ And to be in such a state is to know god, is to be god. Then each moment is a dance and a celebration. Then each moment has such infinite depth and so much treasure, that who cares whether tomorrow comes or not? Who bothers?

So much is available — the sun and the birds singing and the flowers and the fragrance — so I say thank you. I had never asked, I never thought that there would be another day but there is. It is just a gift from god, so I say thank you. More than that I don’t know,’ he said, ‘More prayer is not needed.’

Prayer is a thankfulness; in fact a contented being is continuously prayerful. Whether he says anything or not there is always a deep undercurrent of thankfulness. That has to become your life.”

worth watching: Evening (2007)

“After she was gone, there would be no one who would know the whole of her life.” – From Evening, written by Susan Minot.

This book to movie adaptation is cinematic and bittersweet. Sisters Constance (Natasha Richardson) and Nina (Toni Collette) gather at their mother’s (Ann, played by Vanessa Redgrave) deathbed. The story is richly told in flashbacks, where Ann is played by Claire Danes. The 1950s flashbacks are based on Ann’s friend Lila’s wedding and the weekend in Newport when it all took place. There’s a handsome and wonderful man named Harris (Patrick Wilson), who Ann loved but never wound up with, and hopeless drunk Buddy (Lila’s sister, played by Hugh Dancy) Life carried on nonetheless, as it always does. The scenery is spectacular, the characters authentic and the story is poignant.

While Evening could be easily labeled as a soppy “ladydrama,” I happened to enjoy the quiet mood it took me through. The friendship between Lila and Ann reminds me of my own best friend, the keeper of each other’s secrets…thinking of us at the end. Also inspiring was the subtle transformation of Anne’s daughter Nina, the more troubled of the two. The screenplay was richly adapted (note to self: read the novel) as well as beautifully directed. This woman’s life, like so many others, was anything but ordinary. The rich detail and secrets kept by a dying woman at the end of all things are fascinating, deep and kept only by her.

lovely + badass = Charlotte Free

She’s effervescent with a confection of pretty ombre hair she colors herself. Cult fashionistas are blogging her name and image all over the place. I like her because she gives of a guileless punk-rock vibe that’s really innocent at the same time. Charlotte Free, everybody! She’s mad cool!

“I love Charlotte,” Vogue‘s Francesca Burns said. “I have worked with her, and she’s really special: it’s not just the hair. Charlotte has a rare delicate elegance to her beauty which means she can pull off anything.” (source: Vogue UK)

Betcha didn’t know…Charlotte’s favorite food is lemons (?) and she listens to dubstep “constantly.” (source: Elle)

This video’s so endearing! She likes Maxfield Parrish which I think is fantastic…and apparently she also wants to be in the circus.

I want to dye my hair pink.

she’s got style: Emily Weiss

Emily Weiss once appeared on The Hills (season 3) as the “New York super-intern” who upstaged Whitney and Lauren. Today, she’s a fashion editor at  Vogue as well as the editor and founder of, a unique, magazine-esque beauty blog that dishes out upscale makeup and skincare what-have-you with WASP-like elegance. I was amazed by Emily on The Hills – the way she carried herself was so poised and graceful. Then I discovered ITG and I was hooked after reading a bit of what she wrote, as well as in interviews I gleaned from other websites. She’s striking, classic and has a fresh modern style. She’s also the pretty one. The smart one. And the really fucking stylish one. Bitch. I’m tempted to hate her…but her style speaks for itself.

Images above and below via Tales of Endearment.

“When it comes to her fashion sense, Emily describes her style as ‘a hodgepodge of romantic vintage dresses and more tailored new things.” She loves a sharp jacket, can’t live without her four rings, wishes she had been young in the 1940’s – “that silhouette works really well for me.'” (interview quote via Tales of Endearment)

Image via – Five Days, Five Looks, One Girl – I love the matte berry lip with the subdued gray wrap and minimal makeup.

Above: Those bleached jeans – eep! – to die! Weiss is sartorial heaven here. Hers is the style that seems almost too Parisian to be real, perfectly authentic, not too loud but unquestionably chic.

Image via

Image via New York Magazine & Tales of Endearment.

Emily’s a huge deal in the fashion and beauty industry but she doesn’t really have a “buzz” like certain other females who shared screenspace on The Hills. I like that she’s refined and that you basically have to be a fashion/beauty insider to know who she is. Here’s a little more about Emily, for those who don’t.

  • Emily attended NYU. She interned at Teen Vogue on the east coast, and at W and Chanel.
  • She has a strong aversion to exercise (but you’d never know it).
  • If you look at photos of Emily, she’s not always plastered in makeup. Minimalist works.
  • Emily is always shopping for vintage dresses – particularly from the 1940s. Mix them up with an unexpected proportion, like her big platform wedges from Celine – it totally updates the look.
  • She loves thrifting vintage items from Yves Saint Laurent and Chanel.
  • Emily isn’t really into crazy colors and patterns; she instead sticks to classics like black, navy, taupe and white…although she does throw in a pop of print or a splash of red now and then.
  • Style secret? Emily buys all of her clothing a size larger, because nothing is more unflattering than too-tight garments. You’re better off with some drape to spare.
  • Her secret to glowing skin? Lots of moisturizer, even when you have oily skin (I do this! I’m not as glowy, but I’m not on Vogue’s payroll, either). And use gentle products.
  • Emily also mists with Caudalie Beauty Mist, which smoothes skin, tightens pores and provides an instant burst of radiance while stimulating microcirculation (yes please)!

Now I’d never dog on my girls Lauren, Whitney or Audrina, but Emily Weiss’ style is kind of like tasting fois gras after you’ve been eating Cheetos. Just doesn’t compare. ♥