lovely + badass = Charlotte Free

She’s effervescent with a confection of pretty ombre hair she colors herself. Cult fashionistas are blogging her name and image all over the place. I like her because she gives of a guileless punk-rock vibe that’s really innocent at the same time. Charlotte Free, everybody! She’s mad cool!

“I love Charlotte,” Vogue‘s Francesca Burns said. “I have worked with her, and she’s really special: it’s not just the hair. Charlotte has a rare delicate elegance to her beauty which means she can pull off anything.” (source: Vogue UK)

Betcha didn’t know…Charlotte’s favorite food is lemons (?) and she listens to dubstep “constantly.” (source: Elle)

This video’s so endearing! She likes Maxfield Parrish which I think is fantastic…and apparently she also wants to be in the circus.

I want to dye my hair pink.


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