this moment is enough.

It’s Meditation Monday, and today’s topic is “this moment is enough.” One of my favorite concepts, really. It’s so easy to get caught up in the cycle of “when I haves.” By delaying our happiness, we are actually depriving ourselves of being present in the current moment. Detached to both the past and future – only in the present moment can we truly live. I don’t interpret that to mean that every moment has to be deeply profound. (But it easily can be, if you are truly enlightened.) All that means is, it’s enough. It’s not about living this off the charts, “live like you were dying” daredevil mentality. It’s being around for the little stuff, to savor and not merely consume. It doesn’t matter what party you’re going to afterward, or what comes next on your to-do list. What matters is right this minute, whether you’re kissing someone you love or shredding lettuce, putting your kids to bed or taking out the trash.

And as always on Meditation Monday, I will close with words from a beautiful teacher. I believe that lessons are presented to us when we are ready and willing to learn. Today I found wisdom in one of Indian mystic/guru/philosopher Osho’s writings:

“Mind is discontentment, it is never contented. It goes on saying ‘Get this, get that, and I will be contented,’ but by the time you get it, it is again asking for something else. And the game continues for the whole of one’s life from the cradle to the grave. It goes on asking for more.

Each moment is so full of joy, so exquisitely joyful, that even if death comes right now you will not ask for another moment because this moment was enough. There is no question of asking for another world; even for another moment you will not say to death ‘Wait, because I have to finish a few things, because there are a few things which I was doing and they are incomplete. You will say ‘I am ready.’

Contentment means ‘This moment is enough. Right now all that I need is here; all that I have ever needed and will ever need is here.’ And to be in such a state is to know god, is to be god. Then each moment is a dance and a celebration. Then each moment has such infinite depth and so much treasure, that who cares whether tomorrow comes or not? Who bothers?

So much is available — the sun and the birds singing and the flowers and the fragrance — so I say thank you. I had never asked, I never thought that there would be another day but there is. It is just a gift from god, so I say thank you. More than that I don’t know,’ he said, ‘More prayer is not needed.’

Prayer is a thankfulness; in fact a contented being is continuously prayerful. Whether he says anything or not there is always a deep undercurrent of thankfulness. That has to become your life.”


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