trendwatch: pastel nails

This is totally out of season – most of the time when you think of pastel, you think spring – things in bloom, easter eggs, that sort of thing. I’m still in love with the pastel nail trend, though, and have been interspersing it with my deep fall darks like OPI’s Black Tie Optional and this lovely color called Wine at the Gallery by Finger Paints. The look is fresh and really pops out especially when you use bright, unexpected pale hues.

Lauren Conrad sporting a gorgeous robin’s egg blue that reminds me of Tiffany’s blue.

Sky, Hard Candy’s legendary first color, was created in 1996 by Dinah Mohajer to match a pair of sky blue pumps. I love Hard Candy so much. The best part is that the brand, formerly reserved for high end stores, is now available at your local Wal Mart for about five bucks a pop – and they still come with the signature chunky rings!

Whitney port rocking turquoise nails.

This is one of my new favorites, and it’s kind of famous – Essie’s Mint Candy Apple. Try it! I love how different it is. I used to be so stuck on having pinks and “normal” colors on my nails and now I feel like I’m twelve again, trying out blues and greens. (Next on my list is sparkle!)

Khloe Kardashian sporting a pale, opaque pink.

I had to snag this color when I saw it. It’s Revlon nail enamel in Lilac Pastelle, a lovely, pink-based lilac shade. It’s really pale and subtle, almost a neutral but definitely unmistakable. Image via Nail-a-Holic.


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