meditation Monday: trust your gut

by Shel Silverstein

“My ego often seeks validation for what my soul already knows.” (unknown)

I’ve always been an advice-asker. I don’t think I realized until very, very recently that I actually need to cut the shit. Relying on the advice/approval/counsel of other people, even those very close to me, needs to stop. It can be about anything and everything. A tattoo, an apartment, plans for the day, what to wear, and often for this single lady – who to date, who not to date, when to text or call him, when not to text or call him, what to say, how to “say it and how to play it.” I’m finding myself paralyzed and stuck. I don’t trust my own opinion. I’m needy, uncertain. And constantly waffling back and forth. Not a good place to be. Deep down somewhere in there, I already know the answer. I know the actions to take. I have gut feelings about everything that matters. People toss around phrases like “trust your gut all the time,” but there is something to it. I need to learn it better.

Ultimately…I need to practice listening to my own inner guidance system. Often when we tune out the voices and opinions of others, we can dial up the volume of our own ~ing, as Gabrielle Bernstein, my teacher would say. And so I leave you with her wisdom, which I started my day with…and ending with this post.


One thought on “meditation Monday: trust your gut

  1. I agree with you 100% on this. I’ve read that intuition isn’t perfect and completely reliable, but it’s often true that we feel a certain way about something or someone for a reason. If you betray your gut feelings enough, I’m pretty sure you’ll quickly learn to start following them instead. Dating is the one thing that really helped me trust my inner voice. I got sick of taking the stupid advice of stupid people and ending up in stupid situations.

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