books for the bathtub: Sex and Bacon

I had written a blog post for my other, more salacious blog, entitled “Sex with a side of bacon.” I googled “sex and bacon” and voila. As soon as I read’s description of the book and a few of the user reviews, I was sold. Sarah Katherine Lewis is a former sex worker (who wrote a book about that, too – Indecent: How I Make it and Fake it as a Girl for Hire), and like me, a bacon-lover. Oh, bacon. Salty, crispy, fatty, delicious! It’s good on everything and by itself, and I want it all the time. I instantly fell in love with Sarah Katherine’s unapologetic appetite for food and sex. A girl after my own heart!

This book could turn you on, gross you out, or make you hungry – or if you’re like me, all three, sometimes simultaneously. SKL is a great writer; her casual style appeals to me. The book is part recipes, part memoir. She skips around a bit and while the book is divided into four distinct parts (Desire, Flesh, Sweet, Pain) the individual chapters have a cobbled-together patchwork feel. Some may not enjoy that if they are looking for complete chronology and/or consistency, for me it kept me interested. SKL is a puzzle of a woman – she exudes warmth and heat and carnal desire from the words she wrote. She ate whale meat and bone marrow but cheese makes her vomit.

I enjoyed the brief peek into SKL’s brain. She’s a Britney Spears admirer – not for her music but for what she embodies and who she is. “Britney is female appetite. Britney wants. She wants food and sex and love and trashy, no-account boys.” I savored the Britney chapter, nodding to myself, the undeniable truth of it all. I was a Britney fan when I was 16, but since I watched with the rest of the world as she publicly crumbled more than once, I wrote her off. It’s all a matter of perspective. I enjoyed the way SKL describes a desirable woman’s body – “sleek” doesn’t mean thin, and it’s all about curves. She writes about how she actually lost weight eating what she really wanted. I’ve heard of such things and I’m all for it. Not cholesterol parties or tucking into a bucket of lard every day, but the sense of non-deprivation, and sometimes outright indulgence – the sense of always having enough. Being satisfied. Why shouldn’t we be?

Something about this book felt a little taboo to me – I kept it flipped over on my desk at work and didn’t share it with my mom like I normally do when I’m reading a new book. I mentioned it to a coworker and her response was “that’s weird.” Sex and Bacon won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, that’s for sure. But if you love reading sultry food porn and just plain good, sexy, honest writing? Yeah, you’ll love this book. I can think of at least a handful of my friends that would devour this.

Sidenote, I wish Sarah Katherine had more of a web presence. No website, no blog, no Facebook for me to like? I’m obsessed with this lady – I need more!


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