Tara McPherson – limited edition “Skeleton Heart” poster

I am so pumped for this:

Today one of my all-time favorite artists, poster & comic book art queen Tara McPherson, released a limited run edition of her 2011 Williamsburg Waterfront concert poster entitled “Skeleton Heart.” Only 400 were printed and she is only selling 40 online. I was able to order one (fist pump!) and I can’t wait for it to arrive, even though I barely have the wall space for it. I love how girly and edgy it is a the same time, just like Ms. McPherson herself. The colors rock and so does the fabulous, rainbow-oozing, rock and roll skeleton. Endless hearts! Purchase yours here, if there are any left!

Can we also talk about how badly I want the Hello Kitty figurine by Kidrobot & Tara McPherson? OMG!