inspiring onscreen spaces

Movies and TV are often more than just characters and storylines. There’s more going on than what’s being said and done. I’m obviously really into fashion, beauty and styling, and that’s not just with costumes and makeup – it goes for the sets, too. Here are some inspiring onscreen interiors that are worth a closer look.

Above and below: In the movie Match Point, Nola (played by Scarlett Johansson) has a romantic little studio. I just love the arrangement of photos, books and knicknacks on her shelf. It’s inspiring to see so much care put into a small space when most movie sets are expansive. Images via apartment therapy.

In the romantic comedy Because I Said So, I fell in love with Milly’s (Mandy Moore) boho-chic apartment. Image via Bandelle.

Carrie’s apartment on this little HBO show called Sex and the City. My favorite scenes are ones where Carrie is writing at her computer (a Mac laptop, of course, girl after my own heart!) or just hanging out. It really grounded the show and made her seem more “real.” This is a shot of Carrie’s bedroom, which changes over the show’s six season run. I like when sets adapt, just as in real life, things aren’t stagnant. Even in the same space, subtle shifts are always happening in a living space.

Another view of Carrie’s apartment. The leather chair she bought from Aidan is in the corner. I want to curl up in it!

For Sex and the City, the movie, Carrie’s apartment got a total overhaul when Carrie’s life did, painted in a punchy blue and done up with sleek, modern touches.

I like what they did with the space, but kind of like the SATC movie itself, it didn’t really feel Carrie-like anymore. Image via Bandelle.

The Humphrey’s awesome Brooklyn loft on Gossip Girl. It may not be quite as swank as the Waldorf’s posh Park Avenue pad, but I adore exposed brick.

In Love and other Disasters, I’m in love with Jacks’ (the late Brittany Murphy) romantic whitewashed flat.

Hope you enjoyed the spaces! Keep your eyes peeled when watching your favorites…inspiration is always right in front of you! xox